My first book

It gives me great pleasure to inform you all about my first poetry book… Written in Marathi language.. Published by Muktarang Prakashan, latur. I just.. can not describe the feeling at this present moment..It will be cherished throughout my entire lifetime..!! All of my blogger friends played major role in improving my writing skills.. making me able to convert rough scribbles into meaningful lines.. This book is available on bookganga too…You can order online from any place across the globe.. search in Marathi section… for all the support and love..!!☺️☺️☺️

34 thoughts on “My first book

    1. धन्यवाद..!! सध्या तरी लातूर मध्येच उपलब्ध आहे.. वितरण व्हायला काहीसा वेळ लागेल.. amazon ची प्रक्रिया क्लीष्ट वाटली.. book ganga चा विचार करायला हवा..!!☺️☺️

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    2. बुकगंगा वरती available आहे आता पुस्तक..!! थोडासा वेळ काढून site पाहा.. आवडल्यास ऑर्डर करा… तुमचा अभिप्राय महत्वाचा असेल माझ्यासाठी!!☺️☺️

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